What are some popular Spanish songs now?


I'm going to Nicaragua for a exchange program this summer. So i wanted to find some good songs to play on guitar when i go down there. Like popular songs that people would listen to on the radio.

updated JUN 14, 2010
posted by kikimsund

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Here are the lyrics of two popular songs in Costa Rica.

Gira el mundo by Percance

Music Video

Profanar by Akasha

Music Video

Also, Groveshark search Nicaragua or Costa Rica and look under play lists

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For something completely different you might try to learn some Los Lonely Boys. They're a Texican rock band from San Angelo, and they sing quite a few of their songs in Spanish. Another, older school idea is Los Lobos. They may never have heard of them in Nicaragua, but at least you can show that not all EEUU bands are monolingual.

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