Comprando o comprarlo?

Comprando o comprarlo?


Please tell me the difference between "comprando" and "comprarlo." A simple translation says they both mean "buy." Is there a difference in when each would be used?

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posted by Neffgirl

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words with -ando are forming gerundio in spanish i believe, and are used with estar, ex estar comprando - would probably mean "I am buying", present continuous, and comprarlo refers to something you talk about (buying wise) ex. you discuss something in the shop and say "pienso que voy a comprarlo" which means i think i am going to buy it. "lo" refers to the thing you talk about i guess its about right

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Jim's right all around.

The verb "to buy" is comprar.

comprando -> (am/are/is) buying

comprarlo - comprar + lo -> to buy it

To use comprando you have to have estar ("to be") with it.

I am buying -> estoy comprando

You are buying -> estás comprando

He/she/it is buying -> está comprando

The "comprando" part doesn't change but you do need to conjugate estar.

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I am having trouble with these two verbs, but this helps. Thank you! Gracias! - Neffgirl, JUN 10, 2010

I am having trouble with these two verbs, but this helps.

It might help more if you realize it is only one verb, simply in two different forms. The "ando/iendo" in Spanish is like the "ing" in English. The "infinitive+lo/la/los/las" is like "to ___ it/them" in English. Other examples:

Estoy leyendo un libro. I am reading a book.

Quiero leerlo. I want to read it.

Está comiendo frijoles. He is eating beans.

Le gusta comerlos. He likes to eat them.

Estás escuchando una canción. You are listening to a song.

Déjame escucharla. Let me listen to it.

It might help you to imagine yourself in a store, and practice saying some phrases over and over (I do this a lot when I am confused by something. I imagine myself using the word or phrase over and over until it "feels" right).

Veo un sombrero. Quiero comprarlo. Estoy comprandolo.

Veo un plato bonito. Quiero comprarlo. Estoy comprandolo.

¿Miras ese vestido? ¿Quieres comprarlo? Estás comprandolo.

Do an exercise like this for about 15 minutes while you load the dishwasher or fold a load of clothes. Do it about three days in a row. You'll have it down pat, I promise!

updated JUN 10, 2010
posted by Lrtward
Thank you, that does help! I am going to print out your answer & make flash cards to practice with too! - Neffgirl, JUN 10, 2010
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