Pow! Bam! Interjections

Pow! Bam! Interjections


I'm describing someone bumping into something and I want to use the interjection Bam! or Pow!

The closest I can find are ¡Pum! or ¡Bum! which seem to mean Bang! (as in from a gun or explosion)

Are there any more Batman-esque interjections in Spanish?

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Crash: ¡¡Cataplúm!! catapún

Punches: paf, pum, pin-pam-pum, puf (in the stomach)

Explosions: bum, bam

Shots: bang, pum, ratatata (machine gun)

Crack: crac, cric, trac

wham bam: ¡Pum Pam!

More expressions for hits or sound of amazement, like on tv series like batman, superman etc:

Zas!, Pas!, Pum! Mocos! Riata! Pácatelas!

I have also seen ¡Plaf! and ¡Ploc! when someone hits someone else.

Hope some of those help smile

Here's a link too that might give you some more ideas smile Spanish Comic Strips

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These are great! Thanks for the link. - lkelly, JUN 8, 2010

These are not interjections but onomatopeyas (onomatopoeias in English).

Perhaps this explanation might help:

Las onomatopeyas son palabras que a pesar de no reconocerlas, todos entendemos. Son transcripciones más o menos fieles de sonidos. Son onomatopeyas por lo tanto:

¡Tan, tan! Para describir el tañer de la campana,

¡Boom! Para una explosión …

Son muy abundantes en las viñetas; pueden estar o no dentro de globos y frecuentemente, van acompañadas de líneas cinéticas. Muchas de ellas provienen del inglés:

Crack: quebrar, crujir.

Splash: salpicar, chapotear.

Click: sonar con uno o más golpes.

Sniff: olfatear.

Glup: engullir, tragar… alt text

Here is a link where you can download a copy of un diccionario de onomatopeyas in MS-Word format.

However, from what I understand, the most extensive source on the subject is this book by Román Gubern that is over 400 pages long:

Diccionario de onomatopeyas del cómic, de Luis Gasca y Román Gubern

See video

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You deserve a gold star just for spelling out onomatopoeia! Thanks. - lkelly, JUN 8, 2010

First thing that came to my mind was: Pum! ... I think you've found the best choice smile

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Thank you Benz! - lkelly, JUN 8, 2010
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