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when should you use the verb esta?


when should you use the verb esta?

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I would encourage you to watch Paralee's lesson on Ser v Estar . Lesson 1.11 please also read what I have written below

A good rule of thumb she gives is this:

"How you feel and where you are that is when you use Estar"

For example,

feeling: estoy muy bien, gracias = I am well, thank you

Location/position: él está sentado en la silla = he is sitting on the chair

Summary estar is used for temporary situations and position of people and things as shown in the examples immediately above and below:

El hotel Brasil está situada al lado de la oficina de correos

= the Hotel Brazil is situated next to the post office

Ser is used for permanent situations and for occupations:

eg Dos y dos son cuatro = two and two are (equals) four

Soy abogado = I am a lawyer

I hope this helps grin

you will also find helpful guidnace in the grammer section under verbs: Ser v Estar

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"Soy abogado." With professions you don't use the definite article. - --Mariana--, JUN 7, 2010
Gracias Marianne My only excuse is that I wrote it wehn I was very tired lol - FELIZ77, JUN 7, 2010
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Estar - To be

Ser - To be

Here's a link that will help more than I could.


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