What does corre'ton mean?

What does corre'ton mean?


The Spanish book my daughter is reading has the following sentence she does not understand.

"Yo tena un pequeno, correton, listo, travieso, adorable gatito."

I have a small ?, ready, ? cute cat.

Thank you

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" . . . un pequeno, correton, listo, travieso, adorable gatito."

corre'ton = this is just a guess, but I'm thinking that it may come from the verb correr = to run

so the gatito may be really active running around

listo = smart (it also means ready, but that wouldn't be appropriate in this sentence)

travieso = mischievious

You've got the pequeño and the adorable right.

Here's another thought: correntón is in this Web sites dictionary.

Perhaps your corre'ton is a contraction of the adjective "correnton"

correntón [cor-ren-tone’, nah] adjective 1. Gay, fond of company, pleasant; cheerful. 2. Taking a great deal of snuff. 3. A clever fellow. 4. Busy, active (activo).

I hope this helps a little bit!

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Welcome to the forum!

"I have a small, frisky (lively), clever, mischievous, darling kitten."

("Listo" in this case means "clever/smart" - "ser listo" - to be clever..."estar listo - to be ready)

"Corretón" is an adjective based on the verb "correr" (to run). It implies lots of running around, lots of "friskiness" or "liveliness".

I hope this helps!

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