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meaning in English of terijio


My Colombia daughter had a "terijio" surgically removed from her eye by an oftalmologo which was the result of an injury caused by a broken contact lense. I`ve looked in two Spanish-English dictionerys and can´t find anything. Help!

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She spelled it wrong; it's pterigio. It's Greek so the P is silent. In English, it is called Pterygium. It's not actually from a broken contact lens. Pterygia occur from exposure to strong sun and wind, so it's common for Hispanics to get them (since they often live close to the equator). They start as pingueculae, tiny, fleshy growths on the conjunctiva (clear covering of the white part of the eye) and, if allowed to grow, the fleshy bit may grow over the cornea and cause irritation, redness and blurred vision.

They are taken off when the visual loss becomes bothersome or when eye drops can no long subdue the irritation.

They are also common in people who tan without sunglasses or watermen/fishermen.

Another name for it is "carnosidad en el ojo"

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I'm sure that this site can help you. It has an article discussing this type of operation, but my Spanish is too weak to glean the exact meaning of terijio. I didn't see the term defined in their glossary.

Even if you can't get the exact meaning of the word from their articles, they have an opthomology forum that can surely answer your question.

Best of luck.


La palabra terijio no está en el Diccionario.

Sè que tengo un terijio que ha avanzado ràpidamente y se encuentra al fila de la còrnea, me he hecho revisar con dos especialistas diferentes y uno de ellos ...

alt text

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Well if we look up enough variations of the word....

pte·ryg·i·um (t-rj-m)

n. pl. pte·ryg·i·ums or pte·ryg·i·a (--)

An abnormal mass of tissue arising from the conjunctiva of the inner corner of the eye that obstructs vision by growing over the cornea.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

It's not in the official RAE dictionary, which contains all Spanish words, so it's spelled incorrectly.

Maybe a native or advanced student can guess what word you mean....let's wait and see.


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