Que remedio me queda

Que remedio me queda


Is this "What remedy is left for me"? Gracias

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Alba has given you a good word-for-word translation.

We use it like this: When you want to say in Spanish, "What else can I do?" you say, "¿Qué remedio me queda?"

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Well, if you wrote as:

¿Qué remedio me queda?

You know how they like proper spelling and punctuation here.

Also context is usually asked for. Is this a legal remedy (judicial relief), a medical remedy (cure), a solution to a problem, etc. You might wish to use some other word than remedy depending on context.

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That depends on whether it's a remedio to a disease or a remedio to a problem. It's a way of saying "What other solution is there?" but yes, technically, word for word, it's "What solution/remedy is left for me?"

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