What is "discipleship"in spanish?


Discipleship is an important element in Christian teaching.

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I believe the word is "discipulado":

discipulado. (Del lat. discipul?tus). 1. m. Ejercicio y cualidad del discípulo de una escuela. 2. m. Doctrina, enseñanza, educación. 3. m. Conjunto de discípulos de una escuela o de un maestro. (RAE)

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This is surprizingly difficult. You would expect it to be obvious but the dictionaries don't seem to think the same.

In principle, I usually agree with Gekko because he's mostly better informed than I am but I'm not in agreement with his comment which suggests that a disciple simply sits around and listens; instead I believe that there is some element of discipline involved and I wish I hadn't got rid of my Latin dictionary when I moved to Texas. The etymology of "disciple" would have been easier to find if I still had it.

In the meantime, are there any unobvious derivatives of "alumno" which might fit the bill? It could be another avenue to follow.

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Well - yes, you are right in the sense that, after all, "discipline" and "discipule" are closely related words - with good reason. Discipleship requires discipline. Still, the correct translation for "discipleship" is "discipulado".

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Edit: dictionary answer was deleted because it is incorrect

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That doesn't look correct. Throw it back into the dictionary and it is an adjective, not a noun. Being able be be instructed (disciplined)
I don't think so. That means that someone or something can be subject to discipline - not that he/she is spending time as some master's disciple....