Spanish Essay Phrases

Spanish Essay Phrases


I have to write an essay including at least one examples of the following elements:

estructuras para expresar probabilidad en español estructuras para referirse a hechos o acciones en el pasado estructuras para expresar razones y consecuencias expresiones para hablar de predicciones en el futuro expresiones para hablar de las opiniones de los demás y de las propias expressiones para organizar, unir o establecer contrastes entre las diferentes partes del ensayo

does anyone know any good examples of these??

Thank you in advance grin grin

updated JUN 4, 2010
posted by unicornjumper

1 Answer


I'm sorry, but we don't do homework for people on this Web site.

You could look through some of the lessons under the link "Learn Spanish" at the top of this page for examples.

Or, you could make up some examples of your own and then ask us for help with your examples.

You have to make the effort first and then we will help you!

updated JUN 4, 2010
posted by Pajaro44
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