Estado ocupado

Estado ocupado


Hi I can't seem to find an accurate translation using translation tools.

How do you say

  1. It has been busy lately. = No clue
  2. It's the rainy season again. = No idea
  3. I'm studying math. = Estudiando matemáticas (is this correct?) or is it "Soy estudiando matemáticas"

I appreciate the help.

updated JUN 2, 2010
posted by polomontreal

2 Answers


ha estado ocupado últimamente
Es la temporada lluviosa otra vez

Estoy estudiando matematicas (You always use estar to form progressive tenses

updated JUN 2, 2010
posted by BellaMargarita
Thanks. ;) - polomontreal, JUN 2, 2010
Why do we use estado for sentence number 1? What does estado mean in this sentence? - polomontreal, JUN 2, 2010
Estado is the past participle of estar. Look at the conjugation table for estar, and you will see all kinds of conjugations that use estado + a form of hacer. Estado means "been". - Goyo, JUN 2, 2010
Because its state is temporary. "Estado" from "Estar." It means, "Has been." - 005faa61, JUN 2, 2010
"ha" = it/you(formal)/she/he has + "estado" = been - Pajaro44, JUN 2, 2010
I thought the "ha" was the "has" part. He, Has, Ha, Hemos...... No? - Goyo, JUN 2, 2010
You are right Goyo. ha = haber = to have - Mokay, JUN 2, 2010

Margaret said ha estado ocupado últimamente

I wondered about this as a possibility, but wasn't sure it would be something that would be said. I considered "Hemos estado ocupados" - we have been busy- as an alternative that I was more sure of.

You said, "he has been busy"- that could be "it" rather than "he" perhaps, but would it be understood that way?

Maybe I'm over analyzing this, but I'm mostly just posting so I can keep track of future comments. I'd really like to know about this.

updated JUN 2, 2010
edited by Goyo
posted by Goyo
"Hemos estado ocupados". (concordancia de número). - Mokay, JUN 2, 2010
He has been busy = Any male that has been working or doing something. - Mokay, JUN 2, 2010
Síííííííí - Goyo, JUN 2, 2010
It has been busy = Any object, machine or animal (no human) has been working or doing something. - Mokay, JUN 2, 2010
Awesome. I wish I could vote for Margaret again. - Goyo, JUN 2, 2010
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