How do you say "powered by" in Espanol?

How do you say "powered by" in Espanol?


I'd like to say "Powered by mate" (mate - the popular drink in Argentina/Uraguay/Brazil).

It would be the same as saying "Powered by Wordpress" or something similar.

So how would I say that?

updated JUN 13, 2010
posted by acidreign
I'd like to know the answer to this question too... - tamalmalamarrado, JUN 2, 2010

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Impulsado would be understood in the context you want, in Spain at least.

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posted by lagartijaverde
I like this one better than my answer. - tamalmalamarrado, JUN 2, 2010
Aha! I think thats what I'm looking for. Muchas Gracias! =) Sería: Impulsado por mate. - acidreign, JUN 2, 2010

Si se trata de una página web, quizá "Generado por" sería una opción? "Powered by Ubercart" - "Generado por Ubercart"

(da la idea de que Ubercart es el motor tras lo que ve)

my2c Arno

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posted by arnotixe

How about "patrocinado por"? I know patrocinar is to sponsor, and that usually involves money. But I can't think of a way to say the same in Spanish. A direct translation would be "propulsado con...", according to our good dictionary:

8 . propulsar (provide with power)

powered by two engines -> con dos motores

But even this doesn't sound right for me.

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posted by tamalmalamarrado
Hmmm, interesting. Maybe there is no translation for this phrase. Que lastima! - acidreign, JUN 2, 2010
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