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Ahora tenemos cosas coma "photoshop" o "foto tienda" y "google"

Quiero saber si es posible que yo puedo decir " estoy fototiendando " o "estoy Googliendo " por " I am photoshopping " o " I'm googling ". Muchas cosas tenemos como estas. Es posible que puedo decir " esta googliedo " o " esta es " fototiendado" por " It's googled , its photoshopped "

Lo he googliedo - I have googled it.


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nice point! you get my vote ;) I also convert these words to my native language, so it's interesting how's that in today's Spanish - swing, JUN 2, 2010

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Regarding it's use in various artistic forums, from what I have seen the more common term seems to be retocar. For example: Retoque Fotográfico. If the specific program "photoshop" is mentioned, I want to say that I have usually seen it said something along the lines of "retocar fotos con photoshop."

It is probably also important to note that in some places you will find the word used as a verb such as "fotoshopear/photoshopear fotos;" however, based on the number of google hits, I would suggest that retocar fotos con photoshop is probably far more commonly used: photoshopear (49,700); fotoshopear (8,160); retoque fotográfico (676,000)

You might be interested in these Wikipedia article on the subject:

Retoque fotográfico

Adobe Photoshop

Other helpful references:

Photoshop designs

solo photoshop

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I believe that the "correct" term would be "buscar en google;" however, the neologisms "googlear" and "guglear" are popularly used by many as verb forms with their root stemming from the name of the popular search engine.

Interestingly, even the director of the RAE, Victor Garcia (noting that certain "anglicismo" tend not to lend themselves to satisfactory translation using existing Spanish terms), was reported to have wondered, half-jokingly, whether in the future the RAE might one day see fit to officially recognize this term (guglear).

I will let you draw your own conclusions, but here are a few discussions on the subject that you might find useful:

Buscar en la web se dice googlear

Guglear: yo gugleo, tú gugleas...

Googlear (from wikipedia)

Googlear Conjugation (from wiktionary)

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"I'm googling"= estoy googleando,pero creo que no es gramaticalmente correcto. "I'm photoshopping"=estoy retocando fotos.

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Si preguntas si ese tipo de inglesismos o conversiones de sustantivos a verbos es permisible y aceptable en Español, lo dudo mucho. Y tomando en cuenta la historia del Español y lo tardo en aceptar tales cosas, es poco probable que lo adopten rápidamente.

Claro está, si estás platicando con tus amigos, puedes utilizar el lenguaje como mejor se adapte a tus necesidades. Pero si escribes un ensayo literario para la escuela, lo más probable es que el profesor te baje puntos por utilizar palabras que no existen en el diccionario.

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si , es no posible escribir " I googled it " in my exams. pero , si la gente pueden comprender , entonces , adivino que esta es bien. - SELWICH425, JUN 2, 2010

Being brand names they might not be translated, but rather, used in their English form "to Photoshop", " to google". Did you google "fototienda" and get any hits?

We do steal freely from each other languages and coin our own phrases, so I wouldn't be surprised to see anything.

Check out this site called Adobe Photoshop (foto tienda) in Spanish. It seems that the term is used. There are other sites called foto tienda, however, that do not have anything to do with Adobe Photoshop (for example a Flicker site) so using the term is going to present recognition problems.

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Great question!! If this is done in English, I'm sure it is done in other languages, including Spanish. I have not seen it used in this forum yet, but I am interested to hear what native speakers have to say. smile

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