Era vs Fue in a story

Era vs Fue in a story


If I am writing a short story in the past tense, should I use era or fue? Two examples of this in my story are: "The violence was common during the war" and "One type was destructive and addictive"

"la violencia era común durante la guerra" "Un tipo era destructiva"


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Era, definitely.

Fue would be used if things were violent on a certain day or at some other particular point in time.

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You would use the imperfect Era to set the scene/begin the story and would use fue only for situations which indicated that some action had taken place at a specific time in the past.

Imperfect verbs set the scene which is interrupted by a preterite verb

For example: " Estaba Lloviendo cuando corrió de repente una chica en una iglesia' = It was raining when a girl suddenly ran into (inside) a church

The imperfect is also used to indicate time and dates,describe people, feelings,and actions of unknown duration.

por ejemplo " Estábamos muy felices porque era una vacación muy devirtida " = We were very happy because it was a very enjoyable holiday

For further details please seePralee's lesson: 2.10 Era v Fue in a story

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