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"Smoothie" in Spanish?


How to do yo smoothie in a sandwich like i want to make a smoothie thankssmile

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Please make your question clearer "How to do yo smoothie in a sandwich like..." does not make any sense. - MeEncantanCarasSonrisas, JUN 2, 2010
In a sandwhich?! - samdie, JUN 2, 2010

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In Mexico it's called "un batido."

alt text

updated JUN 2, 2010
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Preparo un licuado. I'm preparing a smoothie.

Pongo el licuado en un vaso. I put some smoothie into a class.

Bebo el licuado. I drink the smoothie

Smoothie can also be: un batido (de fruta) as well as un licuado (de fruta)

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Class? Glass? A glass for class? :) - tennismom, JUN 2, 2010
I'm from northern Mexico and we use licuado, not batido. But both mean the same thing. - tamalmalamarrado, JUN 2, 2010
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