Which college course is better? Span3 or Span8AD

Which college course is better? Span3 or Span8AD


Spanish 3 is intermediate and Spanish 8AD is spoken Spanish. I cannot take both due to my load at work and I am leaning to the spoken class since that is my main goal but I also love to learn the grammar. Since I do not know anything about the 8AD class maybe someone who has taken it can enlighten me?

I would like to guide you to a response by waltieco on my post entitled "Rompecabezas-song translation?"

He wrote something you will not learn in class and it was super interesting.


updated JUN 1, 2010
posted by foxluv

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I have thoroughly enjoyed the conversation classes that I have taken. Usually there are many levels of Spanish being spoken which can make it seem slow if you are far ahead of them. However, the vocabulary that you will learn will certainly be to your advantage, and what you actually practice will stick with you far longer that what you may study on your own; at least this was true in my case. And probably there is going to be some "grammar going on" to boot. Besides it's great to have regular, guided practice in anything that you do. Whichever you decide, "¡Buena suerte!" smile

updated JUN 1, 2010
posted by Delores--Lindsey
Additional note: I r eally enjoy studying grammar, too. - Delores--Lindsey, JUN 1, 2010
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