Spanish accents

Spanish accents


Now that I've had more time to pursue my Spanish studying, I've really just started to appreciate the differences in accent for different Spanish speaking countries and even regions! Some, I've noticed, are harder to understand for me than others. For example, the listening cd that comes with my textbook has native Spanish speakers (as in from Spain) and I often struggle to hear what they're saying. I have a friend who comes from Venezuela, and I can understand her much more easily. What accents do you guys find difficult or weird? Can you describe them?

updated ENE 1, 2011
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posted by psyche_of_frogs
pursue - 0074b507, MAY 30, 2010

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Great question. By far, I find the accents that I hear in Chile absolutely the hardest. Many chileans speak very quickly, cut the end of words, and use a great deal of local slang. The first week in Santiago, I felt like I had never studied Spanish in my life!

updated ENE 1, 2011
posted by chris126
A bit of a shock right. I hope you got used to it. - margaretbl, MAY 30, 2010
Ha, you're right Margaret! I did have a much easier time after two weeks or so! - chris126, JUN 5, 2010
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