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El movil inglés y inglés sin barrer


en cuanto sale el kit del mp3 y si es mejor que el ingles sin barreras

updated JUN 6, 2010
edited by --Mariana--
posted by gsp_1982

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I believe that Vincent is talking about the two different programs to learn English:

1) Inglés gles sin barreras

2) Móvil Inglés

Lo siento, Vincent, pero no tengo experiencia con ninun de los programas. Sin enbargo, puedes empezar lecciones de video aquí en SpanishDict .....gratis.

updated JUN 6, 2010
posted by --Mariana--

Holy smoke! I haven't been here long so I don't know if this is a record or not but 173 views and no answer seems unusual! I wish I knew what your native language is, it helps frame some of my answers, which often times are only wisecracks but always well-meaning.

If you are asking how much an MP3 player is, that certainly varies with the brand and the size of memory. I am extremely happy with my Zen but it came from Circuit City and unfortunately they, CC, have gone the way of PanAm and TransWorldAirlines. Not knowing your country, I don't know to recommend a Fry's or a BestBuy but you must have an electronics store of some consequence since you obviously have access to a computer!

And as for a program better than English without barriers, I would say any program that gives you any sort of structure would be great if you supplement it with SpanishDict. I know of no where else that so many very talented people fluent in both English and Spanish await a chance to be of assistance to anyone willing to try. Don' t ask them to do your homework but if you are in need of clarification or an explanation, I don't think you will find a better team for any amount of money.

Welcome to SpanishDict! ...Vincent.

updated JUN 6, 2010
posted by LateToDinner
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