how do you say this, that, ect.

how do you say this, that, ect.


How do you say "this", "that", "these", "those"? I know that esto, este, estos, estes are used, but I don't know when. How do I know when to say which one?

updated JUN 6, 2010
posted by Elizabeth-Shaw

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Esta camisa - this shirt (esta is an adjective)

Este libro - this book (este is an adjective)

Esto es bueno. - This is good. (esto is a neutral demonstrative pronoun)

Ésta es mi hermana. - This is my sister. (ésta is a feminine demonstrative pronoun)

Éste es mi hermano. This is my brother. (éste is a masculine demonstrative pronoun)

Same with esa, ese, eso, ésa, ése, respectively, except they mean "that" if they're singular and "those" if they're plural.

Plural for este is estos (not estes). Plural for ese is esos (not eses)

updated JUN 6, 2010
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The only thing to add is that the pronouns don't have to have the accent marks any more. - 0074b507, MAY 30, 2010
thank you for this anwser, it really helped. - Elizabeth-Shaw, JUN 3, 2010
no problem - bmancornelious, JUN 6, 2010
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