How to post a picture

How to post a picture


How do you add a picture to an answer - say for a "Culture and Travel" thread? Would you please provide an example for me?

updated MAY 29, 2010
posted by waltico

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Hi, waltieco. I don't know how to do it with pictures from your own computer without first posting them to some sort of hosting service, but I can tell you how to do it with pictures you find online. Go to the picture. Right click on it and select 'Copy image location'. Then, while writing your post, above the white box in which you type, you should see a little icon that looks a bit like a Polaroid of something blue. It's to the right of the giant quotation marks and to the left of the number list button. Click on that and paste the link you've just copied into the box. That's it. Hope it works for you. If not, let me know. Oh, and you asked for an example, so I'll include this picture of the Black Keys' new album, Brothers:

alt text

updated MAY 29, 2010
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posted by MacFadden
Yes, I saw that you could do it by linking to a photo on a website. But my question remains. Anyone else? - waltico, MAY 28, 2010
Sorry, I thought I answered your question. Didn't you want to know how to add a picture to an answer? I thought that was what I just explained and gave an example of. - MacFadden, MAY 28, 2010
Can you explain your question a little differently/tell me what you still want to know? - MacFadden, MAY 28, 2010
I was hoping to be able to do this without referencing a website. - waltico, MAY 28, 2010
Oh. I don't think that's possible. You need to get a website to host the image for you. - MacFadden, MAY 28, 2010
Sorry, Mac. I now see that my original question wasn't as clear as I thought it was! - waltico, MAY 28, 2010
Don't worry about it. I figured it was something like that! - MacFadden, MAY 28, 2010

Hi Waltieco

This question gets asked about every ten days but there is still no easy way to find the answer. However, if you click "More" at the top you can then click the subset "Reference" and down at the bottom of that you'll find a technical reference link which includes how to post pictures. Wow!

Please everyone, why can't we have a "Help" button with all this stuff behind it?

PS You can only post pictures which can be identified by a URL. Your own pictures have to be uploaded to a website first.

updated MAY 29, 2010
posted by geofc
Does this mean that I have to create a website for my pictures first? Seems like alot of work! - waltico, MAY 28, 2010
You don't have to create the website. If you Google 'image hosting', you should find lots of websites to which you can upload your photos very easily and for free. - MacFadden, MAY 28, 2010
Interesting about the "Reference" section, geofc. I have not yet explored that area. Since it is right below the "conjugation" button I assumed it was some sort of language reference. - waltico, MAY 28, 2010
Thanks, Mac. Maybe I'll give that a try some time. - waltico, MAY 28, 2010
Waltieco, I sent you a pm but it really says the same as everyone has written. Also the referrence section will open up a whole other world if you check it out thoroughly. - Yeser007, MAY 29, 2010

Don't get offended everyone if this post gets closed. As geofc pointed out, it's a commonly asked question and can be referrenced in that section.

updated MAY 29, 2010
posted by Yeser007
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