Pulling your leg

Pulling your leg


I cannot find the expression in Spanish. I know it's not the leg in Spanish, is it the ear? In the meanwhile I can say "estoy bromeando", but it bothers me that I cannot recall the equivalent to "pulling your leg"

updated MAY 29, 2010
posted by lkelly

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Se dice 'tomando el pelo' en español.

updated MAY 28, 2010
posted by margaretbl
Yes! Thank you Margaret. - lkelly, MAY 28, 2010

Sometimes you can find answers to questions like this in the phrasebook. This is located under the "More" menu tab above. Sadly, the only way to find things is by using English (not always helpful for Spanish speakers) and by searching for as much of the phrase as you know. There is no more general lexical search and the list is not (apparently) ordered in any way.

Margaret is the greatest contributor to the phrasebook so she is equally the best answerer of questions like this.

If I'm wrong about this, I hope someone will inform us all of the more advanced features that I haven't found yet.

updated MAY 29, 2010
posted by geofc
I am remiss, I should have just said - try the phrase book! Sigh - margaretbl, MAY 28, 2010
I am remiss as well. It is in the phrase book. I did try before I posted the question and couldn't find it. I guess it's a little persnickety. - lkelly, MAY 29, 2010
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