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What is meant by sentence of *se lo voy a dar***?** Can you expain the grammar in this sentence? Thank you

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"Se lo voy a dar" = I am going to give it to you(formal)/him/her.

"se" = indirect object pronoun = and a replacement for the indirect object pronoun "le"

This replacement of "le" with "se" is done when the "le" is followed by "lo/la/los/las" to make pronunciation easier.

The "se" represents "you(formal)/him/her.

The "lo" is a direct object pronoun and represents the "it", that is the thing that is going to be given.

"voy a dar" = I am going to give

I hope that this helps!

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"I'm going to give it to you." "This, it, I'm going to give" is a dreadful but literal translation. se covers the "you" part. "lo" is the "it" bit. Does that help?

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