translating "In case"

translating "In case"


I am trying to understand how to use "in case" in relation to past tense.

My particular problem is in translating this phrase:

"In case you didn't notice."

Using all the tools at my disposal, the best I could come up with was,

"en caso de que no has notado"

However, a google search of this phrase returns no hits. Using the SpanishDict translator, I found an alternative translation,

"En caso de que no se dio cuenta"

Yet, again, searching google for this phrase returned no hits, which leads me to believe it's not a usable phrase.

Does anyone have any suggestions or rules to help me? I am speaking to someone who is very familiar to me, so i am using the "tu" forms of the verbs.

Gracias amigos para su ayuda.

updated MAY 28, 2010
posted by miloszdom

3 Answers


You could say:

Por si no lo habías notado ....

or there's the phrase - 'just in case'?

'por si acaso'

I think you can use it like this too:

Acaso no has notado ...


updated MAY 27, 2010
posted by Kiwi-Girl

Using the "tu" form, your second phrase could read:

En caso de que no te diste cuenta

Another way of saying the same thing:

En case de que no te fijaste

Hope this helps!

updated MAY 27, 2010
posted by waltico

I haven't a clue and your constructions seem logical. The sentences scream probability or doubt so it may be that Spanish uses the subjunctive mood to express this thought rather than "in case ...." or they prefer Perhaps, Per chance, or some Spanish idiom to the adverb en caso de. (seems to be Maria's approach)

I think that you need a native's insight. All I can tell you are things like...Gracias amigos por su ayuda and that you are using the form of the verb.

updated MAY 27, 2010
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