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what does falette mean


does the word falette mean a country or something else and where does it originate if known

updated MAY 28, 2010
posted by elucent1

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Did you hear the word and try to write it? If so, it could be fillet. I'm not sure how you pronounce "falette", but as far as I can guess, "falette" has the same pronunciation as "fillet".

If this is the case: 'fillet' usually refers to a fish fillet.

If this is not the case: sorry, but I'm out of ideas.

updated MAY 27, 2010
posted by MeEncantanCarasSonrisas

I agree with waltieco. It sounds far more like French and if you look for it as such you can get a very long list of people called Falette, a smaller number of places and nothing else that I can see without a lot more research.

Sorry about that.

updated MAY 27, 2010
posted by geofc

A mi parecer, falette no es palabra española. ¿Será que es francesa?

A google search tells me that it is the name of a place in Algeria.

updated MAY 27, 2010
posted by waltico
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