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Is there a way of capturing the essence of the phrase 'to go home' when the underlying meaning is to return to one's country of origin rather than to go back to your house?

I'm pretty sure that 'voy a mi casa' is not fitting...

Thinking about what we are actually saying when we use the phrase in English we are combining sentiments such as:

  • Regreso a mi país
  • Regreso a mi cultura
  • Regreso de donde soy

The phrase as it stands in English is ambiguous as, standing alone, it's not obvious at to whether one is going home for ever or just for a visit. Certainly in British English, disambiguation using 'to visit' would work but would sound unnatural. In Spanish would there be a difference in meaning between using volver and regresar? Could you use visitar in a natural-sounding way?

So many questions...



updated MAY 27, 2010
posted by afowen

1 Answer


I've heard "voy a mi tierra" or "regreso a mi tierra natal" as an equivalent.

updated MAY 27, 2010
posted by tamalmalamarrado