A new game that I came up with: word scramble

A new game that I came up with: word scramble


This is a game that I have come up with that is based upon anagrams. As you may know, anagrams are where you see a word with the letters jumbled up and have to change the order of the letters so that the letters make a recognizable word. For example:


This would be "rascacielos" when it is unscrambled.

To keep this game going, the person who solves each word will take any 3 letters from the word they solved, and come up with a new word that has those 3 letters in it. For example, from the word "rascacielos", you could take the letters a, r, and i, then come up with a new word, like "arriba". Then you would take the letters, scramble them, and leave that as the next word to solve in your post.

To start off the game, here is the first scrambled word:


Restrictions and clarification:

Any new word you come up with must be at least 6 letters long.

Make sure you hit the "newest" button for answers so you get the latest answer.

If the people after you have difficulties getting the word unscrambled, offer them a hint. This may be the first few letters, a synonym, or whatever helps them get closer to the word you intended.

I hope this game isn't to confusing or too difficult. Have fun!

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edit- I separated the lines-- everything was one paragraph - MeEncantanCarasSonrisas, MAY 26, 2010
I worked on that too. Sometimes my HTML doesn't go through...I don't really know why. - 004851b3, MAY 26, 2010
Cool game, but I *cannot* figure it out. :( - MeEncantanCarasSonrisas, MAY 26, 2010
That's what I feared. It's so hard to unscramble the words that this is basically a dud. - 004851b3, MAY 26, 2010
maybe you could add a "rule"-- If a person can't get it, after a while, give a hint, like the first two letters, a synonym, antonym, part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc).... That would make it easier. - MeEncantanCarasSonrisas, MAY 26, 2010
All right. Well, for this first one, the first three letters are nue... - 004851b3, MAY 26, 2010
I think there was an unscrambling game not that long ago - nizhoni1, MAY 26, 2010
Yes there was one nizhoni - ian-hill, MAY 26, 2010

2 Answers


Sorry, please make a search before posting, participate in this thread pleasewink

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next word:


hint: adverb; in English, the ending is -ly; starts with a "d"

Send me a PM if it is too difficult and I will add another hint.

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edit: English is spelled with a capital E :) - MeEncantanCarasSonrisas, MAY 26, 2010
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