Spanish Immersion a la Radio

Spanish Immersion a la Radio


I've been listening to 1020am here in LA and it's really helping me.

It's a talk-show, hosted by Fernando Espuelas. His target audience is the bi-lingual, American-Latino population.

His Spanish is very clear and easy to understand, (Which might be because he grew up here, so his accent isn't very heavy) and I personally like his core message. He says that as the largest minority in the US, Latinos have the responsibility to take an active interest in politics.

Listening to this show has helped me

a) Improve my Spanish

b) It is fascinating to hear commentary on news and politics from the American-Latino perspective (they seem to appreciate este país as opposed to other países because they don't take it for granted).

c) It trains me to hear an opposing viewpoint (I disagree with him often), and not be able to answer back!

Just thought I'd share smile

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Thanks for sharing, Sihara. I'm always looking for new radio stations to listen to online.

Here's the link to the station, if anyone wants to tune in.

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Maybe you can suggest to the radio station that they set up a segment for their listeners.

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What does that mean? - Chavag, MAY 30, 2010

Very interesting I will try to find it online.

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posted by margaretbl
Go to 'Cafe Espuelas'. Their site is really lame but you can listen live to the show. - Chavag, MAY 30, 2010

I've listened to his program quite a bit. It's better than the programas pagados on most of the Spanish language AM stations in the LA area.

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posted by KevinB
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