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tienes que correr


Does the 'que' in this sentence just mean to? You have to run? I wasn't aware that 'que' could mean to Thanks

updated MAY 26, 2010
posted by katiesaurus89

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Tener = to have

Tener + que = to have to (do something)

Therefore, tienes que + correr = you have to run

I hope that this helps!

You could also say the following:

Tengo que salir = I have to leave

Tengo que comer = I have to eat

updated MAY 26, 2010
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posted by Pajaro44

Like Pajaro44 said, tener que is a phrase that means to have to. You can't translate it literally word for word. Haber que is another one, and it means something like to be required to - Hay que means one must or it is required to.

updated MAY 26, 2010
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