¿Qué significa 'dar pie'?



¿Qué significa 'dar pie'?

I can't remember the context but I thought it might mean 'to give rise to' but now I realise that's not right, is it?

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updated OCT 11, 2010
posted by kirstenalexander
That is one meaning according to my link below.

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More context would help us help you. Some times it can mean, "to put up with", or "not do anything about".

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updated OCT 11, 2010
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I am sorry I can't - it was in my exam earlier today so i don't have access to it :(
No problem. :)
hola luisa, podes dar un ejemplo de cuando ´dar pie´ significa "to put up with", or "not do anything about"?

http://www.wordmagicsoft.com/dictionary/es-en/dar pie a.php

dar pie a Verb

  1. cause, bring about, give cause for, lead to, give cause to, give occasion to, give rise to, churn up; Synonyms: causar, dar lugar a, ocasionar, provocar, acarrear, atraer, dar motivo a, hacer; Originar, producir una causa su efecto. ; Ser causa, razón y motivo de que algo suceda.
  2. cause; Synonyms: causar, dar lugar a
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