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"Hace doce dias que..."


"it has been 12 days since I arrived here"

I know this may sound stupid, but after the que, should llegar be in the present or preterite? Thanks!

updated MAY 23, 2010
posted by 20003425-

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It depends what you want to say.

"Hace doce días que etoy aquí". I have been here 12 days.

"Llegó hace doce días." - I arrived 12 days ago.

I don't think you can say "Hace doce días QUE llegó.", because with the "que" it refers to a length of time (how long you have been doing something), as opposed to how long ago you did it.

updated MAY 23, 2010
posted by aceydoubleyou
Thank you! I didn't know that! - 20003425-, MAY 23, 2010
Llegué hace doce días. Llegó is he/she arrived. :~) - Jack-OBrien, MAY 23, 2010
De nada. It's sort of a tricky differnece for us English speakers, as for us, time doesn't "do" a certain amount. - aceydoubleyou, MAY 23, 2010
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