microphone doesn't work

microphone doesn't work


My microphone works but doesn't work under the speak section of the online classes here.

Any ideas what I need to do? The only thing that shows when you click on the record, stop, play, are red words that say "stopped". I have tried IE & Firefox.


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It worked for me in the past but, no more!? - Don-Linton, MAY 23, 2010
You could try Google Chrome also free to download - FELIZ77, MAY 23, 2010

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I just tried it under my laptop and mine doesn't work either (tho my built in mic does work to record and play my recordings.)


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posted by RachelC

My microphone does work but it has two in plugs one for the head phone socket (a brown one) and one for the microphone socket (a pink one)

Troubleshooting: ....I suggest you try 3 things:

1..Check to see if your microphone works on another site or with another activity involving a microphone

.2. Check that you have enabled the microphone facility on your computer so that your computer recognises your microphone is connected

.3. Make sure that you have plugged your microphone into the correct socket on your desktop / laptop

If all fails and you can afford to buy another one replace your microphone or borrow a suitable type/model from a friend!

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If you try it on different sites or with different programs and it works there, then it is probably this site's error. This site has a software program that captures your microphone settings (and audio signal), but it always isn't successful. I'd try it again at a different time (when the software has reset/reloaded itself) and see if it works then. If you checked previous threads you would see that this has been a common and frequent problem.

updated MAY 23, 2010
posted by 0074b507
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