"Generalmente" vs "Por lo general"

"Generalmente" vs "Por lo general"


Hola de nuevo,

¿Hay una diferencia entre las connotaciónes de "por lo general" y "generalmente?


updated MAY 23, 2010
posted by aceydoubleyou
I want to know too. I always just use "generalmente" because it's a literal translation of generally, but I don't know the difference between the two. - bmancornelious, MAY 23, 2010

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No difference.

updated MAY 23, 2010
posted by 00813f2a
así es - 00494d19, MAY 23, 2010

Por lo general-- in general, Por ejemplo, En por lo general se come muy poco aquí. In general they eat very little here. (it's in idiomatic expression). Generalmente is an adverb, so it wouldn't make sense to say In generally they eat very little here. Depending on the context. smile Hope this helps a little.

updated MAY 23, 2010
posted by Jason7R
Did you see Robert and Heidita's answers? I believe that they are interchangeable. - --Mariana--, MAY 23, 2010
I guess what I was trying to say was that they are different forms of the same meaning and you would have to use them correctly. - Jason7R, MAY 23, 2010
Yeah, after rereading my answer, that didn't come out the way I intended it to come out. Thanks for pointing that out!! :) - Jason7R, MAY 23, 2010
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