unas frases para argumentar...

unas frases para argumentar...


¡Hola a todos!

Tengo mi examen final en español el martes que viene... confused

Tengo que escribir un ensayo y quiero aprender unas frases para argumentar.

Por ejemplo... por otra parte... además...

Todas respuestas recibirán un voto o dos de mí por supuesto wink

¡Muchas gracias amigos! grin

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posted by kirstenalexander
Knowledge is power! - Jason7R, MAY 22, 2010
Indeed it is Jason! :) - kirstenalexander, MAY 22, 2010
Oh and thanks for wishing me luck! :) - kirstenalexander, MAY 22, 2010

3 Answers


Tomando en cuenta............Taking into account

En vez de.................. Instead of

Suponiendo que.................. Assuming that

Por lo que sepa............... As far as I know

Por lo que veo.................. From what I see / From my point of view

Kristen, is this the type of thing you want?

And you're right. "You can never have too many phrases or stop expanding your vocabulary."

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that's perfect and thank you - I really appreciate it - the members of SpanishDict have really helped me this year :) - kirstenalexander, MAY 22, 2010
oh and if you could post the English equivalents that would be brilliant! :) - kirstenalexander, MAY 22, 2010

Okay - confession time! confused

I started learning Spanish (properly) four years ago when I started my degree. First year went really badly and I also found out I was expecting my first child just before my exams so let's just say it was a bit of a tough time!

I then took a year out to spend time with my new baby son, returning to university when he was 9 months old. I can't live near the university (too expensive) so I drive for 3 hours every day to attend lectures etc.

I am also learning Chinese and am registered with my university as a disabled student because I have certain difficulties (namely Asperger's Syndrome and dyspraxia) which make university that little bit more difficult. Also 95% of my classmates spent a year in a Spanish university as part of their degree which I could not do.

I don't want to sound like I am whinging (and sorry if I do!) but I have worked really hard this year to catch up and so far have passed everything.

No, my Spanish is not as good as it should be and I am definitely lacking in vocabulary - but I am determined and want to do the best that I can.

I respect your answers geofc and often vote them up because they are witty or particularly astute etc.

But your comment has upset me a little bit :(

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Here's one for your phrases, "¡Te admiro mucho por la lucha!" True! - 005faa61, MAY 22, 2010
muchas gracias julian - a veces es una lucha de verdad pero me encanta el idioma :) - kirstenalexander, MAY 22, 2010
Kirsten, good for you, you have my admiration! Keep up the good work! (Escribo en ingles porque mi espanol es muy mal!) - schemmn, MAY 22, 2010
I know how you feel but it is really important to practise writing in Spanish - most people here will offer friendly corrections and it is okay to make mistakes! And thanks for your comment! :) - kirstenalexander, MAY 22, 2010

It's rather late in the day for learning simple phrases like this. When did you start learning Spanish?

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posted by geofc
I think that's a bit unfair - you can never have too many phrases or stop expanding your vocabulary can you? - kirstenalexander, MAY 22, 2010
The building of vocabulary and the application of using that vocabulary is very important in my humble opinion! :) Good luck. - Jason7R, MAY 22, 2010
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