Proof read my sentences?

Proof read my sentences?



For Spanish class I am doing a poster promoting my country (New Zealand). The thing about this one is that it I am working in a pair so I'm really scared of getting the translations wrong and looking foolish.

I would also appreciate anyone giving their own opinion on better ways to say these things

English "Rich and diverse culture"

Spanish "Cultura rica y diversa"

English "One action packed theme park"

Spanish "Uno parque repleto de acción tema"

English "Relaxed, friendly people"

Spanish "La gente relajada y amigable"

English "Awe inspiring terrain and crystal clear waters"

Spanish "Terreno imponente y aguas cristalinas"

English "Soothing scenery"

Spanish "Paisaje relajante"

English "Adrenaline sports"

Spanish "Deportes de adrenalina"

P.S sorry if this post comes out really ugly, I don't know how to work the spaces properly.

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I can't help with the second phrase, but all the others seem fine. On the third one (La gente relajada y amigable), I would cut "la" (since it's not supposed to be a complete sentence anyway) and I would use amable or simpático instead of amigable. I've studied in a few spanish-speaking countries, and I've never heard that word--I'm not saying it's not a word, but one of the suggested words is more likely to be understood. Also, imponente can have negative connotations (it sometimes means imposing). Try using impresionante or estupendo. Hope that helps! Also, your spanish is fine, so try to be confident!!

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Thank you ^^ this helped a lot - illuminada, MAY 21, 2010
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In the second example, shouldn't "uno parque" be "un parque," without the o?

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oops - thank you so much for spotting that. I musn't have been thinking, silly mistake with my typing ^^ - illuminada, MAY 21, 2010
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