Difficult Mexican speaking "chiras pelas"

Difficult Mexican speaking "chiras pelas"


*Please don't delete this. These phrases are quite useful since they are so usual in Mexican speaking.

Let's see who can guess this one:

Two kids are playing with marbles, and one of them is going to throw his marble, then he says:

Ya'stás chiras pelas

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see ya- interj slang (see you: goodbye for now)

often used as a taunt--i.e in sports when someone is eliminated

chiras pelas (en Mexico) ya termino

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haha, i'm mexican too.... jaja i don't think many people can answer this one.....

but it is about one kid is dead in the game..... a way to say the boy has lost the game.

haha i haven't said that since i was a kido! haha good one.

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FIrst of all, the previous answers are wrong!! Chiras = cheating. In spanish we take english words and find like sounds in spanish. Pelas = to lose. in a marbles game the term is used to signal all the players involve that if you cheat you will forfeit the game. its kinda like when we say gringos = green go!! which was originally used againts the US armed forces deployed in Mexico asking them to leave the country.... somehow some morons used it exclusively againts white people.

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"Green go" is a popluar misconception for the term "gringo." During the US invasion of Mexico 1846 - 1848 US soldiers wore blue uniforms - not green - 005faa61, DIC 29, 2013

It means the kid lost the game.

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Here's my try.

Ya'stás - ya estás

chiras - tirar

pelas - pelota

So maybe: Now you're throwing the ball, or maybe Throw the ball already! I really don't know.

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ya estás, OK, chiras pelas are not a short form... - AntMexico, MAY 19, 2010
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