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What is the common meaning of amiguito/a?


In my Spanish textbook, I have come across the word "amiguito." It means little friend in the story--which is about a little boy who has his friends come to his birthday party.

When I was seeing if amiguito had a feminine counterpart, I noticed that in SpanishDict's dictionary that the meaning was "lover, boyfriend or girlfriend".

What is the primary meaning of this word? I definitely do not want to use this word in reference to a child if it primarily means "lover."

updated MAY 18, 2010
posted by 004e13c4

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"ito" is the diminutive giving the sense of little. So, amiguito (masculine) is little friend and with the "a" ending is feminine.

I really wouldn't worry about the more salacious interpretations you were suggesting. It's a kids book and the words are valid.

If there are secondary meanings, they don't have a role in this context. Shakespeare used the phrase "country matters" to make a reference to female genitalia. Only those sophisticated enough to discern this, noticed grin

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I agree with Birland and Julian. "Amiguita" may be used for a lover in the same way that someone may say in English: "And *who* is your 'little friend' here, hmm?" But that is not the first meaning that comes to mind. - Gekkosan, MAY 18, 2010

Birdland is correct. In addition the "ito" can add endearment to the word. "Le da cariño a la palabra."

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Yes, I should have mentioned that - lagartijaverde, MAY 18, 2010

Quite a lot of folk also use "amiguito/a" for their pets although it may be more apropriate for a kitten than for a St Bernard dog.

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little friend, buddy

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