Spanish sentences proof read

Spanish sentences proof read


Ayuda por favor!!

Hola soy Billchito pueden conocer a mi primo, Bill. Hoy tengo un nuevo producto aqui. Quiero presentar el picture pretzel. Este de una galleta amable representa una gema, que cuando tenido hasta la luz, revela una selección de imágenes mágicas. Cada galleta fue hecho a mano por el plástico genuino, y viene con su propio certificado de autenticidad y sólo 599!! De la picture pretzel a cualquiera, en algun momento. Pero espera! llame ahora y vamos a duplicar su solicitud, además de un panda libre. sí que los dos pretzel y una panda liberte absolutamente.

and this is the english: Hi im billchito, you may know my cousin, Bill. Today I have a new product here. Let me introduce you to the Picture pretzel this one of a kind pretzel features a gem which when held up to light reveals a selection of magical pictures. each pretzel is hand crafted by genuine plastic and comes with its own certificate of authenticity and only $599! Give the pretzel to anyone, anytime! But wait! call now and we'll double ur order plus a free panda! yes thats 2 picture pretzel and a panda, absolutely free! --------thanks in advance!! LOL

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My Spanish teacher does not know alot of Spanish

big surprise So she or he will not know if you make mistakes I guess, as his Spanish is so badwink

Some comment! smirk

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yea but im ganna put it on youtube and anyone can see it lol - punio, MAY 18, 2010
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