omóplato vs paletilla

omóplato vs paletilla


As is common of many different parts of the anatomy (kneecap vs. patella; collarbone vs. clavicle; achilles heel vs. calcaneal tendon; etc), in English, the flat bone of the shoulder girdle which connects the humorous with the clavicle can be described by two different terms: (1) the shoulder-blade or (2) the scapula. The term "shoulder" blade is often the term used in day-to-day speech; whereas, the term scapula is used more often in (although not restricted to) biological or medical jargon.

I was wondering if this was the case for the two words "omóplato" and "paletilla," too. If so, which is the more technical term and which is the one used more for everyday conversation. My guess is that "omóplato" is the more "medical" term (being as it appears to be derived of words of Greek origin), but this is just a guess. Does anyone know the difference in usage, if any, between these two words? Thanks beforehand to anyone who can shed some light on this for me grin

updated JUN 1, 2010
posted by Izanoni1

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Hi, Iza,

I have no idea if one is more technical than the other, but - for what it's worth - in conversation I have only heard "omóplato".

updated JUN 1, 2010
posted by mountaingirl123
Thanks Mountaingirl - Izanoni1, MAY 15, 2010
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