what's the easiest way for a new learner to memorize conjugations in Spanish?

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I would first of all make sure that I recognized the overall picture. Look at one of the tables that show all of the tenses and moods of a verb and recognize which tenses they correspond to in English. As for conjugating the actual tense that requires experience. Even if you know the basic pattern for forming a tense you have to recognize irregular verbs, stem changing verbs, spell changing (z to c, et. al.) rules for adding pronouns, etc. There is no short cut to familiarity. Buying a book listing verb conjugations will prove invaluable. Recognizing which mood or tense to use will quickly become more challenging than actually conjugating it once you have decided which tense to use. It's similar to vocabulary, even once you recognize a word, you constantly are looking it up again in the dictionary to assure that you spelled it correctly and are using it in the proper context, with or without the proper preposition, etc. Again, no short cuts beyond practice in using it until it is completely familiar.

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It really just takes a lot of repetition. Practice your conjugations and pay special attention to the verb endings when you read or listen to Spanish as it is spoken. Also, be sure to practice composing short sentences from the very beginning (both spoken and written) in order to synthesize and apply what you are learning. As far as repetition goes, here is a link to a very good verb trainer that will allow you to practice verb conjugation to your heart's content:

Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer

I hope that you find it helpful. See you around the forum smile

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Good link Thanks! - pacofinkler, MAY 14, 2011

Hello. I would say start with the regular verb conjugations since they have regular patterns. The irregular verbs would require memorizationsmile. Please refer to the reference page of SpanishDict and video lessons. Thanks.

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On the other hand, many of the most common/useful verbs are irregular. - samdie, MAY 15, 2010


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