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On Rosetta Stone the sentence Voy a trabajar is given, why use the "a". It seems like this would translate I go to to work. It seems to me the "a" is not necessary.

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Typo ..."why **use** the... - danrivera, MAY 14, 2010
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Hi Scott.

Ir + a + infinitive = going to do something

Voy a caminar = I'm going to walk

Vas a hablar = you are going to speak

Va a dormir = She is going to sleep

updated MAY 14, 2010
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Caminar?I have always used Andar is there a difference please - Gez, MAY 14, 2010
Andar is used in Spain, caminar in the Americas. - tennismom, MAY 14, 2010

Although you do not "hear" the "a" in English, "ir a [infinitive]" is just a pattern in Spanish that means "going to do something".

There are many patterns that are different in a language "just because".

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posted by Luciente

I suppose this would be similar to the "personal 'a' ", in that it does not really have an English equivalent. It just is.

updated MAY 14, 2010
posted by danrivera
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