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Does anyone know how many -go verbs there are (i.e. venir, salir, suponer, etc.), and where I can find a complete list? I searched online and I have found many lists, but none of them were complete (they each were missing some I was already aware of). I asked this same question a few days ago but it got buried. Thanks for any help you can offer.

These are the ones I have found thus far:

Salir, Traer, Proponer, Suponer, Venir, Valer, Tener, Caer, Oír, Decir, Hacer y Seguir

updated MAY 13, 2010
posted by Jsanthara

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Addition. Componer, bendecir, predecir, pretener, prevenir, contener, conseguir, convenir, satisfacer, deshacer, sostener, atraer, poner, proseguir, detener, obtener, oponer, exponer, perseguir, entretener

updated MAY 13, 2010
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Gracias Fidalgo. - Jsanthara, MAY 13, 2010

Lo siento chica, pero pienso que esos verbos son todos. ¿Para que los necesitas?

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Es chico. No chica. Porque soy curioso. - Jsanthara, MAY 13, 2010
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