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Explicame porque razon no me miras la cara Sera que no quieres que note que siges enamorada? Tus ojos que mostran passion y falsos sentimientos Por el hecho de tu rechazarme, mientras te mueres por dentro

Can someone help me translate?

updated MAY 14, 2010
posted by mamasita_s
You know how it goes, Mamasita. Give it your best shot, then we help you! ;-) - Gekkosan, MAY 13, 2010
hehe i knew how to translate it. I want to give others practice :P - mamasita_s, MAY 13, 2010
Ah.. so generous and unselfish! You have my unending admiration! - Gekkosan, MAY 13, 2010
that's what they all say :P - SELWICH425, MAY 13, 2010
Mamasita, please see my post below. - --Mariana--, MAY 13, 2010
at least gekko and selwich got my joke..lo siento muchisimo marianne :( - mamasita_s, MAY 13, 2010
OK, enough said. How did I do? - MattM, MAY 13, 2010
muy bueno matt - mamasita_s, MAY 14, 2010

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Give me the reason you don't see my face. Is it that you don't see the signs of love. Your eyes show false sentiment and passion because you reject me while dying inside.

updated MAY 13, 2010
posted by MattM

Mamasita said:

hehe i knew how to translate it. I want to give others practice raspberry

If this was the case why did you say "Can someone help me translate?"

Please be upfront about what you want us to do, whether it's answering your question or practicing our translations skills.

updated MAY 13, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
i think she was attempting at a joke ;P - SELWICH425, MAY 13, 2010
i was :( sarcasm doesn't show up well on the computer. I'm sorry - mamasita_s, MAY 13, 2010

Tell me the reason why you don't see my face Sera , That you don't love that note that follows you in love. Your eyes , they show passion and false feelings for the fact that you denied me while you die inside.

updated MAY 13, 2010
posted by SELWICH425
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