How do you know when to use Saber or Conocer?

How do you know when to use Saber or Conocer?


Since they both mean To KNOW, i have a dificult time differentiating the proper ways or situations to use each one.Are there any helpful rules or guidelines to follow?

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In Spanish, there are two verbs that express the idea "to know." These two verbs are "saber" and "conocer."

The verb you choose depends upon the context in which it is used. These verbs are not interchangeable.

To express knowledge or ignorance of a fact or information about something, use "saber."

Juan sabe donde está María. Juan knows where Maria is.

Yo no sé tu número de teléfono. I don't know your telephone number.

To say that one is or is not acquainted with a person, a place, or an object, use conocer.

Yo no conozco a María. I don't know (am not acquainted with) Maria.

Alberto y Alfredo conocen Madrid. Alberto and Alfredo know (are acquainted with) Madrid.

Here is a link that explains it in great detail:

Saber or Conocer

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Saber- to know (facts, information) Conocer- to know (to be acquainted with, as in to know a person)

If you said that "I am familiar with the restaurant" then you would use conocer. If you said, "I know where the restaurant is" then you woulde use saber as it is information.

Remember when using conocer with a person to use the personal 'a"!

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Conocer is more like to be acquainted with.

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