Sample sentences for tenses

Sample sentences for tenses


Obviously I know what present tense is and past but I am confused about the others so if somebody could explain and give an example of each that would be appreciated!

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The Indicative Family Tenses

  1. Present Indicative Tense: Yo hablo = I speak

  2. Present Progressive Indicative Tense : Yo estoy hablando = I am speaking

  3. Past Progressive Indicative Tense: Yo estaba hablando = I was speaking

  4. Preterite Indicative Tense: Yo hablé = I spoke

  5. Imperfect Indicative Tense: Yo hablaba = I used to speak

  6. Future Indicative Tense: Yo voy a hablar = I am going to speak

  7. Future Indicative Tense: Yo hablaré = I will speak

  8. Conditional Indicative Tense: Yo hablaría = I would speak

  9. Present Perfect Indicative: Yo he hablado = I have spoken

  10. Past Perfect Indicative: Yo había hablado = I had spoken

  11. Future Perfect Indicative Tense: Yo habré habaldo = I will have spoken

  12. Conditional Perfect Indicative Tense: Yo habría hablado = I would have spoken

The Subjunctive Mood Family

  1. Present Subjunctive Mood: Espero que tú estudies = I hope (that) you study

  2. Present Perfect Subjunctive Mood: Espero que tú hayas estudiado = I hope (that) you have studied.

  3. Imperfect Subjunctive Mood: Esperaba que tú estudiaras = I hoped (that) you would study.

  4. Past Perfect Subjunctive Mood: Esperaba que ya tú hubieras estudiado = I hoped (that) you had (already) studied.

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Present Estudio chino todos los días. (I study Chinese everyday) El año que viene estudio en Oxford. (Next year I'll be studying in Oxford) Napoleón estudia el problema y decide no atacar. (Napoleon studies the problem and decides not to attack)

Present perfect He estudiado español y chino. (I have studied Spanish and Chinese) He estudiado durante toda la mañana. (I have spent the whole morning studying) Antes de las 10 ya me he estudiado la lección. (Before 10 I will be done studying the lesson)

Imperfect Cuando estaba en la universidad estudiaba todos los días. (When I was in university I used to study everyday) A las cinco estba estudiando. (At 5 o'clock I was studying)

Pluperfect Ya había estudiado español antes de empezar el curso. (I had already studied Spanish before starting the course)

Preterite Ayer estudié dos horas. (Yesterday I studied for two hours)

Future Estudiaré cuando tenga ganas. (I will study when I feel like it) Siempre saca buenas notas; estudiará mucho, supongo. ([He] always gets good marks; [he] will study a lot, I suppose)

Future perfect El mes que viene me habré estudiado el libro entero. (Next month I will have studied the whole book)

Conditional Estudiaría más si tuviera tiempo. (I would study more if I had the time)

Conditional perfect Habría estudiado más si hubiera tenido tiempo. (I would have studied more if I had had the time)


Present Aunque estudie mucho, lo sigo encontrando muy difícil. (Even though I study a lot, I keep finding it too difficult)

Present perfect No creo que haya estudiado mucho, porque ha suspendido el examen. (I don't believe you have studied much, because you failed the exam)

Imperfect Si estudiaras más, aprobarías todos los exámenes. (If you studied more, you would pass all exams)

Pluperfect Si hubieras estudiado, habrías aprobado el examen. (If you had studied, you would have passed the exam)

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¡Hola!, katiesaurus:

Do you need complete sentences? Could you understand any verb better if you use a different verb conjugation web site? Here is a web site that gives at least a basic understanding of the meaning of any verb in any tense ----> 123 TeachMe.

Enter any verb into the conjugator.

Column #1 shaows the name of the tenses

Column #2 shows what that tense would sound like in English

Columns 3 through 6 show what the 1st 2nd and 3rd person singular and plural tenses are in Spanish

For example, look at the table for 'estudiar' ----> Estudiar conjugated

Only you can decide if this conjugator would help you.

Muchos saludos/Best regards,


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My current Spanish profesor gave us the following example:[link text][1]

[1]: http://c:\users\judith\documents\Intermediate Spanish 202 - spring 2010 - uwrf

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Hi katie, I have just what you need:

Sample sentences for all tenses

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