La respuesta está escrita aquí

La respuesta está escrita aquí


OK, what am I missing about past participles here. Why can it be escrita and not escrito. As far as I know, written is not an adj and I don't see it listed as one in the dictionary, but as a past participle. Why can it be escrita to conform to respuesta if it's just a past participle and that is escrito. Gracias.

updated AGO 15, 2010
posted by jeezzle
Great question, Jeezzle. - --Mariana--, MAY 12, 2010

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When used in passive voice, the participle follows the noun's gender and number:

As a Predicative

When used in conjunction with a linking verb (ser, estar, parecer), past participles act as predicative adjectives. Functioning as adjectives, they must agree with the nouns they modify in gender and number.

  • Mi novela favorita fue escrita por Gabriel García Márquez. (My favorite novel was written by Gabriel García Márquez.)
  • Las puertas están cerradas. (The doors are closed.)
  • Esta manzana parece podrida. (This apple seems rotten.)

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updated AGO 15, 2010
posted by Issabela
Not everyone agrees that estar+past participle is passive voice like ser+past participle. See this article: http://users.ipfw.edu/jehle/courses/passive.htm - 0074b507, MAY 12, 2010
In this particular case, Issabela's answer applies - Gekkosan, MAY 12, 2010
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