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Is there a easier way to Learn Spanish?


Spanish is really hard to learn for me because I have never really been exposed to a situation where I have to us it and I was just wondering if there is an easier way to study and learn Español?

updated MAY 12, 2010
posted by snackkcakke

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Easier than what? How have you been studying and learning? If it is possible for you to spend some time immersed in a Spanish speaking community, that may be the quickest way to learn. If that's not possible, I recommend doing all the activities on this website. They're very well-done and helpful. Try to use the Spanish that you have learned every day! The more familiar it gets, the easier it rolls off your tongue, the harder it is to forget. In the end, practice, practice, practice will make a difference!

updated MAY 12, 2010
posted by mrssalinas
Good luck! - mrssalinas, MAY 11, 2010

Pandora.com (make a spanish music station)

Glogster.com (make a poster with spanish phrases/words)




Amazon.com (look up key words - Learn Spanish)

Of course, SpanishDict.com

Make sure you use Spanish words every chance you getraspberry

updated MAY 11, 2010
posted by princessjane
have fun - princessjane, MAY 11, 2010
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