Translation Help!

Translation Help!


I'm going to Costa Rica on a Study Abroad trip to teach English, and my students will be writing essays. The questions I sent to you are the questions they will answer first in Spanish to help them develop their essay that will later be translated to English. I just wanted to make sure I get an accurate translation to ensure that my students understand exactly what is being asked.

Thank-you so very much for the help!

Who is someone that you admire? List three qualities that you admire about that person.

Describe an incident or event from which you learned a lesson, "the hard way."

What could you change about yourself to become a better person?

What three qualities do you value in a friend; a teacher; a parent?

Describe a situation in which you went out of your way to help someone else. Has life been good to you? Explain.

Describe a situation in your life in which someone went out of his or her way to help you.

Name three things for which you are thankful.

Who has been most important in your life in helping you establish your values? Explain.

Do you have a responsibility to help those who are less fortunate? Explain.

When you become a parent, what are the three most important values that you hope your children will have?

updated MAY 11, 2010
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Quien es una persona quien te admire? Hacer un lista de tres cualidades que te admire de lo. Da me un description de un incidente o evento cuando te aprendió un leccíon, “en la manera dificil” Puede te cambio algo de usted mismo para hacerse un major persona? Da me tres cualidades que usted valora en sus amigos, profesores y padres? Da me un description de un situacion cuando te fuiste lejos de tu manera para ayuda un otra persona. Tu habia tiene un vida bueno? Da me un explicar de lo. Da me un description de un situacion cuando un otra persona se fue lejos de su manera para te ayuda. Da me un listo de tres cosas de que tu siente agraciado por. A quien ha sido la persona de mas importante para que establence sus valores en tu vida. Da me un explicar de lo. Tienes un responsibilidad a ayudar los otras personas menos afortunados? Da me un explicar de lo. Cuando se convierte en un padre, cual son los tres valores mas importante que te quiere tus ninos a tener.

i did my best. If anyone has feedback or coments i would apreciate it.

updated MAY 11, 2010
posted by dgallegos
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