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Uses of "a ver"


Hi all,

I did a search and nothing came up on this topic (apologies if it has already been asked somewhere). I hear the phrase "a ver" frequently (I'm mostly around Spanish speakers from Mexico). I know it's very coloquial and its meanings vary widely depending on context. I wanted to ask the SpanishDict community what uses of "a ver" they know and what contexts they would use the phrase in.

Here's what I know:

¿A ver? - "Let's see" or "Really?" ¡A ver! - "Right", "of course", and "let's see here"

What other uses are common?

updated MAY 10, 2010
posted by aceydoubleyou

1 Answer


¡Vamos a ver! also 'Let's see' A mi ver - in my opinion No tener nada que ver con - Have nothing to do with... I guess going a little farther from the 'a ver' is Vivir para ver - To live and learn

updated MAY 10, 2010
posted by margaretbl
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