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what does way "as in hey way" mean?


i received a message that stated pichy lamn mamao lacusa way. the speling is bad but it was a v/mail, so im spelling the way it sounds

updated MAY 10, 2010
posted by ramonrana

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I honestly don't know what the other stuff in that sentence means, but I can tell you what the meaning of "güey" is, or at least what I was taught it was. I've always been told that "güey" or "buey" (the spelling depends on the person) is kind of like saying "dude" or "man." For example: You know what I mean dude? or Whatever you say, man.

I've also been told that "güey" or "buey" can also mean "stupid," but again, this is just how I was taught to translate the word. I hope that this helps you out, and if I'm wrong, I hope someone who is fluent in Spanish can help us both out in understanding the true meaning

updated MAY 10, 2010
posted by KatieLou

None of it makes sense to me, sorry.

¡Bien venido al foro!

updated MAY 10, 2010
posted by galsally
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