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Possessive words usage.


Mine - Mi . But i wanted to know when do we say "Mio / Mia "

Tu - yours. But when do u say "su" for yours or "sus" for that matter. and when do u use "tuya" my Facebook is in Spanish (for learning )and it always comes like this "XXX ha commentado/etiquetado una fota tuya "

Nuestro- ours ..i don't know if we can use any other word can we ? Ella es nuestra. She is ours ( is that correct usage?)

Su - His/her .

what about the possessive word for " Vosotros " - its all yours.. Todas las canciones estan tuyas ? ( is that correct ) All the songs are yours(plural yours )

Whats the possessive word for "Ellos" - Theirs ?

updated MAY 9, 2010
posted by SELWICH425

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Here is a lesson on Possessive Pronouns that I think you'll find helpful.

Come back to this thread with any more questions on the topic and we'll get you some answers.

updated MAY 9, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
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