Download Flashcards for use in flashcard apps

Download Flashcards for use in flashcard apps


First, I'd like to tell you what an awesome site this is!

Now to my question:

I use my iPhone for all kinds of stuff, but one of the more useful functions is to use flashcard apps (MentalCase, is one example) on it when I am trying to memorize stuff on my downtime.

Has it been considered to permit downloading the flashcard sets in a text file or something to that effect? Perhaps it's a bit superfluous when it is possible to use them via the SpanishDict app, but I thought I'd ask.

Thanks for bringing such a great learning tool to us!


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Great question. I changed the category from "Vocabulary and Grammar" to "Website questions and feedback". - Goyo, MAY 8, 2010

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I think this questions is for moderators...or tecnical suppot

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